As an extended release of our brand-new album Go Down Shooting, we’ll be releasing ten videos over the next ten months, each conceived of by different artists from Calgary and abroad. Among others, you will see the magnificent work of Karen Hines and Blake Brooker, Mia Rushton and Eric Moschopedis, Eric Rose and David van Belle, Denise Clarke and Chris Cran, and Pete Balkwill of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, with all videos shot and edited by Calgary filmmaker Sandi Somers. The release of each video will be highlighted by a public screening and a live performance by Cutest Kitten Ever and the artist who created the concept.

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Sea Monsters, Cutest Kitten Ever

December, 2011

“Sea Monsters” was conceived of by Calgary artists Eric Moschopedis and Mia Rushton.They created the magically sublime undersea set in the Seafood Market Studios in Calgary, and did all the filming and editing. It’s a one shot, and this is about take 22 – it took us many hours and a lot of rum to nail that box step! Many thanks to the fantastic Laurel Green for her role as large shell and sea turtle.

Gunslinger, Cutest Kitten Ever

October, 2011

The video for “Gunslinger” was imagined by Pete Balkwill of the Old Trout Puppet Workshop, shot and edited by Calgary filmmaker Sandi Somers and features band member Kris Demeanor‘s talented and creepy niece Quinn Curtis.

The Drunk You IS You, Cutest Kitten Ever

July, 2011

The video for “The Drunk You IS You” was imagined by German authors Thorsten Nesch and Kersten Flenter, shot and edited by Calgary filmmaker Sandi Somers and features band member Kris Demeanor and actor Mandy Stobo.

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  1. Best idea EVER!! The squeaking at 2:18 was very good for my mental health. I hope the kittens take over and prosper. They will be strict but fair, I’m sure of it.

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