Shrill Birds & Heaven


Maybe if the male birds are rejected for long enough they’ll mate with lions and become griffins.

When bombarded by noise pollution, some male birds begin to sing higher tunes, found a new study. And that tonal shift makes them less attractive to females. The findings suggest that birds must make difficult trade-offs in urban areas and places where traffic and industrial noises threaten to drown them out. Either they sing less appealing songs or tones in an effort to rise above the din, or they sing the songs that make them sound appealing at the risk of not being heard at all.

Source: “Noise Pollution Makes Some Birds Less Attractive


 I can almost hear the trumpets!  (Seriously, pay close attention to the visuals.)

Falling Sky & Handsome Cat


Chris Hedges, the insanely pessimistic author of Empire of Illusion, describes the coming End with dramatic flair in his article The Sky Is Really Falling.

“It goes far beyond party affiliation or ideology. Fossil fuel undergirds every ideology we have. Breaking with it is going to be a traumatic and difficult task. The natural world is going to continue to provide us, unfortunately, with many reminders about why we have to do that. Sooner or later, we will wise up. The question is all about that sooner or later.”


I have always suspected that pets are disdainful of our repetitive coos.

















Climate Change & Cuddling


“… Phosphate mining, first by foreign companies and later our own, cleared the lush tropical rainforest that once covered our island’s interior, scarring the land and leaving only a thin strip of coastline for us to live on. The legacy of exploitation left us with few economic alternatives and one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, and led previous governments to make unwise investments that ultimately squandered our country’s savings.

I am not looking for sympathy, but rather warning you what can happen when a country runs out of options. The world is headed down a similar path with the relentless burning of coal and oil, which is altering the planet’s climate, melting ice caps, making oceans more acidic and edging us ever closer to a day when no one will be able to take clean water, fertile soil or abundant food for granted.”

- From a fascinating op-ed from the president of Nauru in the New York Times.


This mother cat is hugging its baby while it dreams.  Oh my God.